Scarce Vintage Pygmalion Powder Compact

Model No 1968

Gold Tone Case

Petit Point Tapestry Roses & Flowers on a black ground. Engine Turned surround.

Complete with Puff, Filter & Pouch.

Looks to be unused filter/puff very clean.

9cm dia

Minimal wear/scratches to the exterior.

Clasp requires a good puch to open and button has to be puched to close. 

Mirror has foxing & freckles.

There is a hidden issue with this delightful compact, I will try to explain. 

You may notice little black flecks that appear even after a good blow before closing. If you gentley squeeze the lid it is crunching so i think  bewteen the embroidery & mirror is some corrosion possibly to a foam type sheet. 

Vintage Pygmalion Petit Point Tapestry Compact No1968 Complete

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