Stratton Queen Convertible Mother of Pearl

Stratton Queen Convertible Mother of Pearl


Vintage Stratton Powder Compact

Queen Convertible for Solid or Loose Powder

1960's Stratton Star base

Mother of Pearl lid 

Comes with Plastic ring filter & branded puff.

What I love about this is it has been engraved by possibly the original owner so a cherished item. Gladys Schroder

8.5cm dia

Tranishing, Wear & scratches to the goldtone case all around. Pearl lid in good order with a few light scratches. 

The exterior clasp is good and opens/closes nicely. The inner ring does not sit flush to the base & has a slight kink. The slide clasp has to be manually slid to the side so the ring closes. Hence low price  Mirror with very minor blemishes.