KIGU of London Queen Convertible Indian Jewel Compact

KIGU of London Queen Convertible Indian Jewel Compact


Did you think I had accidently typed KIGU instead of Stratton?

You will be confused as I am with this compact as its 3 Brands rolled into 1.


This is a Stratton Queen Convertible case with the woven base 1980- Onwards. But the base is stamped KIGU of London. I can only think that this was made towards the end of production when Stratton aquired the Kigu Brand.


The Puff & Pouch both stamped with Kigu Nacon which is a Japanese company who could possibly of supplied the parts as I have read that stratton started to import components.


Has the Stratton Indian Jewel Pattern to the lid with a blue background, but does not feel like a true indian jewel as its very smooth.


Case features the Queen Convertible Pat No.


Complete with Puff, plastic ring frame & pouch.

8.5cm dia


Looks to of had very little use with only a few minor blemishes. The puff is quite flat & stating to flake. A few freckles to the mirror.