Art Deco 1930's Houbigant Duo Compact

Made in France

Unusual Mother of Pearl & Abalone Shell decoration to the lid. I would assume an after-market decoration. 7 Point star on a filigree base. 

Platinum colour case with engine turned base.

Contains original powder. I can just image a stylish lady with white porcelian skin and rosy cheeks carrying this. Also comes with puffs.

Flip clasp

7.2cm x 4.2cm

Overall condition is good. Tranishing/Wear to case with small fine split to 1 edge & slight lift/nick to another. Shell Lid roughly set so some raised areas.

Clasp good as is the hinge. Mirror good with minor little blemishes.


French Houbigant Pearl/Abalone Shell Rouge Powder Duo

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