Classy Simple Understated Powder Compact by KIGU

Looks quite plain from a distance but it sreally nice quality.

Engine turned lid with black enamel stripe with embossed floral bands.

Small Cartouch which has not be engraved.

Kigus trademark Spiro design base & inner lid.

Nice small compact size.

Complete with Puff, Filter & Pouch. dia


Comdition is very good. Minimal wear/tarnishing to exterior & interior. Clasp working nicely witha  good click closure. Inner lid slide clasp not loose & sliding well. Mirror with very feint moisture marked to edge and a couple of light freckles. 

Pouch is quite worn & flakey.

Classy KIGU Loose Powder Compact Goldtone Engine Turned Black Enamel

SKU: kigenameng