Georgian John & William Ridgway Slop Bowl


Slop/Waste bowl was used to dispose of Tea dregs & cold tea. 

Old Englsih Fluted Shape

Patter 625 - Deep Black & Buttermilk Bands with hand painted decoration all round.

The Black bands with a contrasting white flower head with pink/red & green detail, Surrounded by gilt leaves. The Buttermilk band with gilt leaf trim & dots with red details. 

Flowing gilt leaf garland around the exterior of the bowl.

16.8cm dia

8.5cm high


The bowl has 5 hairline at the rim with 3 being dark. Fine crazing all over. Gilding & decoration is good for age. No chips or large cracks. Has minor manufacturing faults such as pitting, stray paint spots all under the glaze.

c1815 John & William Ridgway Slop Bowl Pattern 625

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