Delightful & I assume quite a scarce Musical Figural Posy Holder
Continental ( German) Bisque Porcelain
Courting Couple stood in front of a Moulded Leaf posy holder. The Figures are hand painted with the lady having butterflies on her dress & the gent with beading. Gilt Accents to both.
Trellis Base with Blue/gold flourishes and flowers strew across the ground.
Fitted with a  music box in the base that plays an old sweet tune.
12cm x 9cm 
20cm high
Condition is very Nice with only a few flower heads missing and some snapped leaves. Fingers all intact. The Mesh behind the trellis base is missing in places. The Musical element works 8/10 times. I have had it apart cleaned it but the spring occasionally get caught in another part. No key but i will send it with a makeshift key i have made. 

Antique Continental Bisque Porcelian Musical Vase

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